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European Breakdown Levels of Cover


Having your vehicle breakdown at any time is inconvenient but when you are abroad it can turn into a nightmare especially when going on holiday with your family. What if you get sick and no one can drive the car, who will get you home? You don't speak the local language, how do you cope? With Green Flag European Vehicle Assistance you can be safe in the knowledge that you are being taken care of by one of the UK's largest roadside assistance companies.


Key Points of Cover


  • · There are no excess charges for this European Breakdown Insurance Policy
  • · Comprehensive cover backed by Green Flag Recovery
  • · Underwritten by Ageas Insurance Limited
  • · 24/7 English speaking Emergency helpline
  • · Emergency roadside repair and labour costs
  • · Full towing service if required back to the UK
  • · Replacement driver costs if required
  • · Emergency car hire and accommodation costs
  • · Legal cover in the event of an accident abroad
  • · Policy only available to UK registered vehicles
  • · Covers vehicles up to 8 m in length
  • · Book online for immediate travel
  • · Fully secure booking system


Summary of Cover


Replacement car before travel - £2,000

Before travel commences the Green Flag European Vehicle Assistance will provide a replacement rental car if within 7 days of your trip commencing your vehicle has a mechanical problem that cannot be fixed or your vehicle is stolen and not recovered.


Roadside and Recovery Service - Unlimited

The Green Flag European Vehicle Assistance Team will arrange and pay for labour and call out charges involved in roadside assistance in making the vehicle fit to drive or arranging for the vehicle to be taken to a garage or safe storage area after the event.


Emergency labour costs - £250

The Green Flag European Vehicle Assistance Team will arrange and pay up to £250 towards the cost of emergency labour outside of the UK which will allow you to continue on your journey without the need to call on any of the other of the services offered by this policy.


Parts and Labour expenses - £500

Following the recovery of your vehicle from the roadside following an electrical or mechanical failure the policy will pay towards parts and labour costs in a garage in order to fix your vehicle. Please review relevant policy wording to see full terms and conditions.


Alternative travel costs, including car hire - £2,000

 If you cannot use the insured vehicle following an event and Green Flag reasonably believe that the vehicle will be out of use for more than 8 hours or the insured vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 8 hours then the Green Flag European Vehicle Assistance Team will arrange for you, your party and your luggage to be transported by any means suitable including car hire to your destination and then return you, the principal driver to the insured vehicle after it has been repaired.


Spare parts despatch - Unlimited

If spare parts are not available locally to repair the insured vehicle following an event, the Green Flag European Breakdown Cover Team will arrange to have them delivered to you, your party or an agreed location as quickly as is reasonably possible.


Additional accommodation if vehicle cannot be repaired - £450

Following the loss of use of your vehicle for more than 8 hours and provided your have not been offered alternative travel costs by the Green Flag Europen Breakdown Cover Team, then accommodation including 1 daily meal per day will be paid for whilst the insured vehicle is repaired. Expenses are limited to £45 per person day and to £450 in total for each person.


Replacement driver - Unlimited

If there is an accidental injury, sudden or unforeseen illness or death which means no one can drive the vehicle, the Green Flag European Breakdown Cover Team will at their discretion arrange for a qualified person to drive your vehicle and your party back to the UK. During this return journey Green Flag will pay for accommodation expenses and 1 meal per day. Food and accommodation expenses are limited to £45 per person day and to £450 in total for each person.


Expenses to collect your vehicle from abroad following repairs - £400

If you have left the insured vehicle abroad for repairs, this European Breakdown Cover Assistance policy will pay for a single economy ticket by rail or sea (or air if the journey is longer than 12 hours) to collect the insured vehicle. Green Flag will also pay for any necessary expenses on the outward journey including accommodation and Green Card charges.


Advance of Funds - £2,000

Green Flag will advance to the Driver a maximum of £2000 to enable the driver to post bail following a road traffic accident or to pay any customs fee's which the driver accidently incurs by an involuntary breach or non-observance of the conditions under which a vehicle may be imported into a country without payment of customs duty.


Vehicle repatriation to UK - Unlimited

If following an event you cannot use your vehicle and it cannot be repaired in the time to make your original planned return to the UK or the vehicle is stolen outside of the UK the Green Flag European Breakdown Cover Assistance Team will arrange at their option for you, your group and their luggage to be taken by any suitable means to your UK home address and take your car to your home address or to a repairer of your choice in the UK. * Note the maximum amount payable is limited to the vehicles current market value.


Legal Defence - £20,000

This European Breakdown Cover policy will pay up to £20,000 in respect of legal costs and expenses to defend the driver against criminal charges following a road traffic accident or to pursue the uninsured losses against a third party arising from a road traffic accident.


Theft Damage - £100

If any other person other than your party damages the insured vehicle in the course of a theft or attempted theft from the insured vehicle then Green Flag will pay £100 towards repairing this damage.


Contribution to Car Hire while own vehicle is being repatriated - £250

If upon your return to the United Kingdom following an event your vehicle is still being repatriated then this policy will provide up to £250 towards the rental of an alternative vehicle